The conference “Productivity Dialogue - 2021” organized by the Latvian Productivity Board and the Productivity Research Institute of the University of Latvia “UL Think tank LV PEAK” took place on December 2, 2021. Its live broadcast was available on the news portal TVNET and on the Facebook page of the Faculty of Business, Management and Economics of the University of Latvia.

The conference, which was attended by Latvia's leading researchers, politicians, representatives of non-governmental organizations and entrepreneurs, presented the draft Annual Productivity Report and addressed the challenges related to the pandemic, including the challenges of teleworkingr and the labor market. The main recent research in the field of productivity was discussed, as well as what lessons were learned to maintain productivity during the pandemic and in what directions to work in the future to ensure productivity growth. The conference was moderated by prof. Inna Steinbuka, director of the Productivity Research Institute of the University of Latvia “UL Think tank LV PEAK”.

"Productivity Dialogue - 2021" Programme


Prof. Gundars Bērziņš

Prof. Inna Šteinbuka

Massimo Suardi

Dr. Oļegs Barānovs

Prof. Jurs Binde

Dr. Oļesa Krasnopjorovs

Līga Meņģelsone

Jānis Endziņš

Prof. Jānis Priede​​​​​​​

Video of the conference:

On November 25, 2020, the Productivity Board of Latvia and the Productivity Research Institute of the University of Latvia "LU think tank LV PEAK" organized an online conference "Productivity Dialogue".

The Productivity Dialogue was organized to present the Latvian Productivity Report and to provide a platform for exchanging views on national productivity challenges and to improve mutual understanding of key policy requirements for future policies and productivity-enhancing reforms. The conference was attended by researchers, politicians, NGO's and entrepreneurs, who provided an opportunity to discuss the country's productivity issues with various stakeholders.

"Productivity Dialogue" Programme


Massimo Suardi: Latvia’s productivity challenges

Prof. Gundars Bērziņš: Produktivitātes izaicinājumi pandēmijas un dislokācijas ekonomikā

Prof. Jānis Priede: Eiropas izaicinājumi produktivitātes celšanā un pieredze

Dr. Oļegs Barānovs: Produktivitātes dinamika un faktori Latvijā, Covid-19 pandēmijas ietekme

Dr. Oļegs Krasnopjorovs: Produktivitātes analīze uzņēmumu dalījumā: liecības no ORBIS datubāzes

Prof. Juris Binde: Kā 4. industriālā revolūcija maina uzņēmējdarbības vidi. Lietu internets produktivitātes izaugsmei

Līga Menģelsone: Kā pandēmija ir ietekmējusi uzņēmumu produktivitāti

Dr. Aigars Rostovskis: Produktivitāte kā domāšanas veids